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Legal Warning

General conditions

These general conditions govern the use and access to the website PRODUCTS KELMY, SAU (hereinafter "KELMY") established in Ctra. Tibi, 1.5 km / Apdo. de Correos, 83, Jijona (Alicante), Spain, and number A-03,197,167, available to users through the electronics direction: http://www.kelmy.com.

The use of the website by any user entails the full acceptance of these conditions and criteria which are permanently displayed on the website under the version published and in force at all times. For this purpose the user should carefully read the conditions and instructions displayed in the websites each time you access them, as well as the need to recharge every time the contents that are in the cache's own computer user in order to receive fully updated information.


The website is primarily intended to inform on the activities of KELMY and services.

Terms of user

The user agrees to make an appropriate, proper and lawful content and use services of the website. It is strictly prohibited illegal, unlawful or contrary to good faith and public order; and in general, any behavior that threatens, deceives or is likely to go against respect for human dignity and non-discrimination on grounds of race, sex, religion, nationality or any other personal or social circumstance; against the protection of public health and consumers and users; or the protection of youth and childhood. Any activity aimed at impersonate any person or entity, or to interfere, breach, alter or disconnect the system, servers, networks or content together with any non-connection requirement is also prohibited.

KELMY reserves the right to exclude the user of the service without notice and take any measures deemed appropriate at all times, to avoid behaviors and activities indicated above.

Intellectual or industrial property

It is expressly advised that all elements of the website are subject to intellectual or industrial property. The content, font, shape, design and naming of products, applications, tools, pages, brands, trade names, logos, and graphics, including copyright, are owned, have been assigned or are licensed code in favor of KELMY therefore the authorship and right of use in all their terms and modalities are protected by company law and criminal law were violated, apart from the corresponding monetary liabilities, it represents an unlawful or criminal activity.

Therefore, the user must refrain from any reproduction, adaptation, combination, integration into other applications, arranging or otherwise handling or processing as well as any form of public communication or distribution regarding all the contents accessible through the web, unless authorized by KELMY. And even in that case, it refrains from doing so through procedures other than those specified and provided through the website itself for users who, in any case, may carry out any download, print, copy or transfer content to any support, with any alteration or modification of the contents provided in such a way that differs, skip, add, modify or in any way contradict the messages and information displayed and supplied via the website in the way these are arranged in the system and the computer records of KELMY.

KELMY not grant any license or authorization of use of any kind on its industrial and intellectual property or any right or property related to the website itself, services or content.

Those websites that establish hyperlinks with KELMY pages shall not reproduce the said pages nor directly associate the link with respect to any other page of the Portal other than the home page. They must also refrain from using distinctive mark, trade name, label, information or any other content of the Portal except the indication which forms part of own link. Under no circumstances will it be understood or stated that KELMY authorized, it intervenes, assumes, participates or has supervised in any way the content of the page showing the hyperlink, or even that it consents to the inclusion of the latter, except expressed authorization.


Concept and production: KELMY and Grupo Camaleón Creativos.


KELMY does not guarantee to the user the availability, access or continuity of connection to the website and in the provision of information through it. Consequently, KELMY and any possible content provider will not be responsible in case of interruptions of service, delays, malfunctions and, in general, any inconvenience caused by factors beyond the control of KELMY or suppliers, or from a fraudulent or criminal action on the user, or force majeure. KELMY not guarantee the use, procurement of results or infallibility of the contents provided over the website which, in all cases, are of an informative nature. Such information has been obtained from sources considered reasonably reliable but should not be construed in any case infallible and must where appropriate be compared with other sources prior to adopting any opinion or statement of decision by the user. All opinions, measures or actions on investments or of any other nature adopted by the user, it will be your sole risk.

KELMY assumes no liability for the use by the user of the contents of the website, and reserves the right to modify, replace, update, renew, prevent access, interrupt, block, temporarily suspend or cancel definitively any service, provision of information or any other content, either with regard to a specific user or in general.

KELMY assumes no responsibility for any damage caused to users' computers for possible computer viruses contracted by the user because of browsing the website or any other derivative of browsing.

Privacy policy

In compliance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the protection of personal data, we inform you that your personal data and other information provided by the user of the web through the contact form of the web , could be stored and processed in files owned by KELMY, in order to inform you of new products or promotions,  not being used for other purposes and never transferred to third parties.

Users may exercise their rights of access, rectification, opposition or cancellation of their personal information by an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at any time.

This site uses cookies, whose mandate and other details are explained in the section on cookies policy.

Cookies policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that are received at the terminal from the website visited and are used to record certain interactions of navigation in a Web site to store data that can be updated and retrieved. These files are stored on the user's computer and contains anonymous data that are not harmful to your computer. They are used to remember user preferences, such as the selected language, data access or customization of the page.

Cookies may also be used to record anonymous information about how a visitor uses a website. For example, from what webpage you accessed, or if you have used an advertising "banner" to arrive.

Why KELMY uses cookies?

KELMY uses cookies strictly necessary and essential for you to use our Web sites allow you to move freely, use custom options, etc. In addition, KELMY uses cookies to collec data relating to the analysis of Web usage. These are used to help improve customer service, measuring the use and performance of the page, to optimize and customize it.

Our sites may also be linked to social networks (like Facebook or Twitter). KELMY does not control cookies used by these external website. For more information about the cookies of social networks or other foreign websites, please review their own policies cookies.

Why if I don't want to have these cookies or I don't do anythig about it?

To comply with the legislation, we have to ask your permission to manage cookies. If you decide not to authorize the treatment indicating their non-conformity would use only the techniques cookies, since they are essential to navigating our website. In this case, there would store any cookie. In the case of keep browsing our Web site without refuse authorization it implies accepting their use.

Note that if you decline or delete cookies Web browsing, we can not keep your preferences, some features of the page will not operate, we can not offer personalized services and every time you go to browse our website we will have to ask you for new authorization for the use of cookies.

If you choose to still modify the configuration of your access to the Web page, you must know that you can delete cookies or prevent this information to be recorded on your computer at any time by changing the settings of your browser:

These browsers are undergoing to upgrades or modifications, so we can not ensure that they fully comply with the version of your browser. You might also use a different browser not covered by these links as Opera, Konqueror, Arora, Flock, etc. To avoid these imbalances, you can access directly from your browser options that usually found in the Options menu in the section "Privacy". (Please check your browser's help for more information.)

If you agree with the policy of cookies KELMY click OK at the appropriate prompt.

The data collected in cookies are they used on websites other than KELMY?

Some of our cookies are used to perform analytics for use outside the KELMY tools. Cookies are used exclusively for KELMY that in no case sold with them.

In KELMY we work with trusted vendors who assist us in managing and customizing our websites.

Type of cookie





Google Analytics

If you accept our cookies, you allow us to improve the Websites of KELMY to provide optimal access and provide a more efficient and personalized service.

In addition, you can set your browser to provide that only trusted Web sites or pages you're browsing at this time to manage cookies allowing you to select your preferences.

Providing this policy, KELMY demonstrates the commitment to the existing legislation on the use of cookies, providing information for you to understand what kind of cookies we use and why we do it. With this, we aim to provide transparency regarding the data processed about navigation performed from your computer on our website.

This policy is reviewed periodically to ensure its effectiveness, so it can be modified. We recommend you visit the page regularly informing you of any updates there to.

Where can I obtain more information?

If you need more information about the policy of cookies, please see the Official Gazette published last March 31, 2012 (for Spain) where the directives are transposed on electronic communications. You can also consult the policy on Information Commissioner's Office (in English).

Additionally, you can access some educational videos published by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection in which it is explained, step by step, how to configure privacy settings browsers, social networks and common operating mobile systems in Videos AEPD.

We use our own cookies and also third party cookies to offer our services and to collect statistical information. If you continue to browse this site, you must accept their installation and use.
You can change the settings or get more information on our legal notice.