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updated June 18, 2019

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Kelmy Icing sugar - Finely ground sugar for use in confectionery

Icing sugar

Finely ground sugar for use in confectionery, properly treated to  prevent lumping.

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Hard yolk pasties for making traditional fillings that require the use of a piping bag

Hard yolk pasties

The same as Hard Yolk but with lower viscosity for making traditional fillings...

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Lemon cream to be applied directly

Lemon cream

Lemon Cream to be applied directly, suitable for freezing and baking in the...

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It's used mainly for decorating all kinds of cakes

Cake yolk

Made for spreading with spatula or piping bag. Can be caramelized and withstands...

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Hard sweet potato. Traditional formulation with 50% sweet potato paste and sugar. Its high content in sweet potato pulp gives it high viscosity making it essential for use in traditional sweet fillings that require consistency. Commonly used in Christmas pastry fillings.

Hard sweet potato

Traditional formulation with 50% sweet potato paste and sugar.

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Egg powder albumin

Rapid albumin "Clarakel"

Egg powder albumin, for use in making meringues.

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Hard yolk with no added sugar

Hard yolk with no added sugar

With the same ingredients as the Hard Yolk but with no added sugar...

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Pastry Cream


Traditional Pastry Cream. Pastry cream made with egg yolk, full cream milk and...

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Frosting is the layer or cream you put on  top of cupcakes.


Sugar Cream for Decorating. Products for Creative Confectionery.

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Creative Confectionery

Royal icing

Royal icing

Preparation for making royal icing. Products for Creative Confectionery.

Professional pastry

Toasted yolk (freezing)

Toasted yolk (deep-frozen)

Soft Yolk with the difference that it includes caramel, giving it the colour and flavour...

Special Products

Clarakel with no added sugar

Clarakel with no added sugar

Egg albumin powder without added sugar, indicated for the preparation of meringues.

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