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Online shop Kelmyshop

Online shop Kelmyshop.com
If you are an individual and want to buy products for creative baking, decorating cakes, cooking cupcakes, etc., you have at your disposal kelmyshop.com our online store where you will find a wide range of Fondant (sugar paste), Frosting (icing) and other ingredients directly from factory.

A range of 20 colors for Fondant, in 100 g, 250 g, 300 g, 1 kg and 3 kg formats. More than 12 flavors of Frosting, with 550 g and 1 kg formats . Royal Icing, Gum Paste, Marzipan for oven, etc., high quality and convenient deadlines of delivery are some of the advantages that buying in our online store will provide you.

Visit our online store at: http://kelmyshop.com