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Huesos de santo

Mazipan pastry

Typical spanish sweets to celebrate on dates close to All Saints' Day.


  • 300g Oven Marzipan Kelmy
  • 250g Hard Yolk Kelmy
  • Sugar bath:
    • 200g Icing Sugar Kelmy
    • 2 tabelspoon water


Roll the marzipan out over your work space, sprinkel with sugar powder and knead it till you get a thin almond paste, that does not stick to our hands.

As soon as the mazipan is sugared enough, roll it out again over your work space, till its 2mm thick. Mark the marzipan with a spit. Cut the almond paste in 5-6cm big stripes. Of that stripes we cut out the pieces to make the 6-7cm long bones, the size depends on the cooking utensil you are using to roll them. We roll them up, and if it is necessary we add some water to seal the bones and let all 2-3 hours drying.

Once the marzipan tubes are hard, we put the yolk paste into a piping bag and fill the tubes. The amount of the yolk paste we use lasts for about 20 bones.

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