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Soft egg yolk

All kinds of cake decoration

Product made using fresh, recently cracked eggs with equal parts of whole egg and sugar.

Traditional product with 50% whole egg obtained from recently fresh cracked eggs and sugar. The only one on the market with such a high content of whole egg, giving it a characteristic flavour and texture. For the decoration of all kinds of cakes using piping bag or spatula. Ideal for pastry makers who want a high quality product to give their products a seal of distinction.

All kinds of cake decoration. Its characteristic texture enables spreading in soft thin layers.

Order Specification Sheet.

Plastic tubs containing 7kg net weight, modified atmosphere packaging, heat-sealed. Boxes of 4 tubs.

While the container remains unopened no special conservation or storage conditions are required.

Once the plastic protector has been removed, we recommend levelling the remaining contents and covering them with greaseproof paper for enhanced conservation. In this case, leave the plastic lid off the tub to prevent mould forming.

NO REFRIGERATION REQUIRED. Store in a cool dry place.

BEST BEFORE: 12 months.

R.S.I. 20.22191/A

Product made with the same raw materials used in bakeries but with the added advantage of being ready to use.

Saves time and money by eliminating all the drawbacks and inconveniences involved in making this product (peeling, boiling, baking, etc.).

Security of working with a product that fulfills all hygiene and quality requirements.

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