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Lemon cream

Lemon cream to be applied directly

Lemon Cream to be applied directly, suitable for freezing and baking in the oven.

The manufacturing process undergoes a permanent control and is carried out under hygiene conditions that guarantee that the product has ideal properties (texture, colour, aroma and flavour) to be used for professional baking.

Lemon cream to be applied directly, stable when freezing and baking in the oven.

Order Specification Sheet.

Plastic tubs, 6.5 kg and 20 kg net weight. Packed in a modified environment and then thermosealed.

The closed container does not require special storage or preservation conditions.
In order to keep it in good condition after opening, we recommend covering the container with paraffin paper instead of the lid.

DOES NOT NEED REFRIGERATING. Store in a fresh and dry place.

Expiration: 10 months.

Product made with the same ingredients as those used for professional baking. Product ready to be used immediately, with all the hygienic guarantees.
Save time when making cakes.
You'll be working with a product that complies with all the hygienic and quality requirements.

RSI 20.22191/A

Gluten-free Kelmy product

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