Rapid albumin "Clarakel"

Egg powder albumin

Egg powder albumin, for use in making meringues.

Plastic tubs containing 1 kg net weight. Packed in boxes of 12 tubs.

While the container remains unopened no special conservation or storage conditions are required.

Once opened, we recommend closing the container after use and keeping away from damp. Store in a cool dry place.

BEST BEFORE: 24 months.


Order Specification Sheet.

DOSE FOR USE (meringues)

 Dissolve the 100g of CLARAKEL albumin in the blender with the litre of water and stir with the blades of the whisk.

 Set at high speed and whisk the product to obtain a Consistent Mousse.

 Meanwhile, use the 3kg of sugar and 1 litre of water to prepare a syrup in the firm ball stage (120º/121ºC).

 When the mousse is sufficiently consistent, set the blender at low speed and add the syrup prepared in point 3.

 Continue the process until the meringue cools down a little, remove the whisk, spread on a tray or on the table and leave the mix to cool. It will become firmer and easier to work.

R.S.I. 31.00081/A-00485

Gluten-free Kelmy product

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