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Icing sugar

Kelmy Icing sugar - Finely ground sugar for use in confectionery

Finely ground sugar for use in confectionery, properly treated to  prevent lumping.

Finely ground sugar for confectionery use, treated to prevent caking. Applied directly on to the products by sprinkling with a sieve or coating the product. It is a high quality product because it is 100% sugar with no added starch.

For direct application on confectionery products by sprinkling, sifting or covering the product, as required.

Order Specification Sheet.

10kg paper bag with interior plastic bag.

Keep the bag closed at all times. Store in a cool dry place.

Best before: 24 months.

Product ready for immediate use.
Security of working with a product that fulfils all hygiene and quality requirements.
No lumping.

R.S.I. 23.49/A

Gluten-free Kelmy product

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